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How to measure the size of the Matching Couple Rings Tips and tricks

It does not matter if it's a engagement or wedding ring, the sensation you get when wearing it must be correct! A ring that is too tight can squeeze the finger. If the circumference is too large, it can easily slide off your finger. It is therefore important that the ring is exactly the right size. What are the most effective methods for measuring ring sizes? Which method is the most reliable?

We'll teach you how to measure your ring easily yourself by using the most effective tips and tricks. We'll also give you an overview of some of the best tools and a clear ring size table.

Overview of the various ways to measure ring sizes.

Tip A ring size template is the best method to determine your partner's ring size for instance, to select an engagement ring. In the "Methods" you will learn how to utilize a band to determine the circumference of rings.

Beware of the pitfalls when determining the size of a ring

You should keep in mind when you are deciding on the best ring size that the circumference could change throughout the day and at different temperatures. When it's cold in the morning, your fingers are thinner. They expand when temperatures are hot. Additionally fingers on the left and right hand often have different circumferences. Weight fluctuations and pregnancy are other factors that could influence the circumference.

It is best to make multiple measurements at different times and temperatures. at different times of the day and at different temperatures. It is also recommended to measure your ring shortly after you buy the ring.

As for the correct place on your finger where you should take measurements, the following rules apply Most rings are placed over the middle joint (the second joint). Measure between the second joint and the third joint. If it is a finger ring measure the joint and the base.

In the end in order to determine the ideal size of the ring, it's ideal to take a variety of measurements. Take measurements in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening in warmer and cooler climates and on different days. Add all measurements and divide by the total number of measurements to calculate the average circumference of the ring.

How do you determine the right size of the ring?

The best method to determine the size of an ring is to measure it on the fingers that will wear the ring. You can also measure an existing ring in your possession. However, this doesn't include variations due to the time of day or temperature. It is also not quite as accurate. There are also differences in accuracy with regard to the tools that are available to you. A professional ring-sizer or ring template can provide more precise values than a piece of thread, which is typically used as a measuring tool. Below you will find an extensive guide to the most commonly used methods of measuring ring sizes.

Different ring size templates are available on the internet and from jewelers. There are two major variations.

In the first variant, you examine the ring against the different sizes of the template. Place the ring over one of the sizes, and then determine the one that matches the ring. Another option is to utilize a template that includes the sizes of rings punched or different sample rings punched. This allows you to try your hand through the cutouts, and then determine which size will fit best. We also offer a useful ringsizing template at a fair cost.


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